Our Convert to Vector (Vector Redraw) Service works as follows

  • You Submit a file (artwork) that you want us to convert to vector (print ready).
    • All Files Accepted - including JPGs (Jpeg), PNGs, Word, Scans, PDFs, Sketches - and more.
    • We convert any image to vector including jpeg to vector, jpg to vector, jpg to eps, jpeg to eps, logo to vector, scan to vector and sketch to vector. Basically anything to vector.
  • Our experienced designers will take your submitted file and MANUALLY CONVERT to Vector.
    • We can make Changes to your artwork at no extra cost.
    • We email you Free Proofs to check you are happy with our work and will continue sending you Free Proofs until you are happy.
  • When you are happy with the proof, we will email you a Print Ready Vector as an EPS file.
    • We can also send you other file types, such as PDFs, AI etc at no extra cost.
    • All Simple and Medium Redraws are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with our work.
  • All the work done in the United Kingdom
    • Rest assured that all the work is done in the UK (you can even visit us in London!)
    100% Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with our work
Our Customers
Our logo redraw vectorisation service has been used around the world with customers located in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia (to name a few areas). Our customers include
  • Commercial Printers
  • Sign Shops
  • Architects
  • Engravers
  • Garment Printers
  • Print Finishers
  • Graphic Designers
  • All Businesses
and many more...
Customer Reviews

Published by J Harris:

"Excellent, fast communication, always there with advice! Brilliant service!"

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Simple Redraw

  • What can you send: We accept all files including scans and photographs.
    • Your file(artwork) can contain at most 1 image, possibly with some text.
    • For sketches, use the Medium Redraw service.
  • Price: £19.99 + VAT
  • Delivery: Next Working Day.
    • For faster delivery, use our Express Service.
  • What will you receive: We will email you the following:
    • A Free Proof for you to check.
    • A Print Ready Vector as an EPS file.
    • We can also send PDF, AI and one other file type on request at no extra charge.
Submit your file(s) or Get a Quote (within 30 mins)

Medium Redraw

  • What can you send: We accept all files including scans and photographs.
    • Your file(artwork) can contain a detailed image (including any text).
    • For more complicated artwork, request a Quick Quote.
  • Price: £29.99 + VAT
  • Delivery: 1-2 Working Days.
    • For faster delivery, use our Express Service.
  • What will you receive: We will email you the following:
    • A Free Proof for you to check.
    • A Print Ready Vector as an EPS file.
    • We can also send PDF, AI and one other file type on request at no extra charge.
Submit your file(s) or Get a Quote (within 30 mins)
Below, you will find some mini case studies on vector conversion work we have done for our customers.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
What an artist used as a template for their sculpting
This image to vector conversion was requested by an artist who hand sculptors stone. The traditional way is to take a big rock and start from fresh - without any template. He wanted this image redrawn to a line drawing which he was going to use as a template by printing it on a poster, sticking it on a rock and cutting out the outline. Once the outline was cut out he would then chisel the design. This reportedly saved him a long time and allowed him to compete in this competitive area.
Photograph of a supermodel to be redrawn for printing on to t-shirts
The friend of a supermodel came to us requesting the image to be redrawn as a slightly abstract piece which would then be printed on to t-shirts as a gift for her. We emailed him some different styles which resulted in him choosing a single tone image. The vector is the result of the work we did to redraw the image.
This drawing had to be manually converted in to a line vector for engraving.
We received this artwork from an engraving company to convert in to a one colour line vector which they could then use to engrave in to wooden ornaments. As with all vectors made for engraving, the needle follows the black lines to carve out the required shape.
Sketch given to us by a talented illustrator that needed it converted to a vector
We received this sketch from a very talented illustrator that was setting up a new jewellery business. Their brief was to convert their logo to a vector so that they can use it for print, t-shirts and other items to market their brand. Our vector redrawers, redrew this by hand making sure that it was extremely accurate, compared to the raster the customer supplied.
A very detailed vector redraw from a hard copy sent in by a customer.
This company produces extra long matches and charcoal for the UK market. They litho print the packaging in India but the plates had to be replaced. They didn't have the original file and wanted an exact redraw with a small change - including making the colours match as close as possible. The packaging (with a few matches - thank you!) was posted to us to make sure we didn't miss anything. The vector conversion was done in 2 stages - the first stage was a standard redraw using the scan. The second stage was to modify the colours to match the ones in the original packaging as close as possible. The final vector was then supplied to the company - who asked their printer to run a few copies to produce a 100% colour match (as a 100% colour match can only be done at the printing press).
This company wanted to use our vector conversion service to create halloween stickers
This company wanted to create some stickers for halloween but couldn't find the vector versions. They used our vector conversion services to redraw this bitmap to a vector.
The customer had some very old and weathered stationery that they wanted reprinting. However, they didn't have the vector. We were asked to redraw this image as close as possible. This was a very complicated redraw due to the number of objects in the original raster but we managed to deliver this piece to a very satisfied customer! (Click on the picture to see a larger version of it)
An example of a redraw from a sketch - with changes
The customer had drawn a coloured sketch that they wanted an outline to be created, with some changes (removing the tree, extending out the shop sign, adding another item in the shop window etc). As they now have the vector, changes can be made very easily - for example, changing the window display.
School sheild that had to be converted to a vector
We were requested by the school to convert their logo in to a vector so that they could use it for any future print work. This was an intricate conversion that required use of tools that got the gradients/lighting seen in the original raster correct.
School logo that needed to be converted in to a line vector for etching on to glass doors.
This school wanted their logo etched on to their main doors. We were commissioned to convert the raster of their school logo into a vector line drawing that the etching company could use to etch the logo. The etching needle would follow the outlines to create a perfect etch of their logo. This work was carried out by the designers that specialise in creating outlines for etching and engraving.
Sketch redraw with changes
This customer produced a sketch that needed to be neatly redrawn as a Vector. They also indicated that certain countries had to be emphasised in the same style of the sketch. The MLC lettering had to be redrawn exactly - with the other lettering using a similar font.
Example of redrawing an image of a crest to a vector
This company had a crest that was over 100 years old. They wanted it printed on to a fresh banner so that they can put the current (weathered) crest in to storage to keep it from fading further. They supplied us with this photograph and close up shots of specific elements of the crest. They also wanted some numbers added on to the flag that you see above the castle turret, but retaining the same curvature of the flag so that it didn't look out of place. On the right, you will see the result of the vector conversion.
Image to Vector conversion for sublimating on to a tshirt
This customer wanted their club logo sublimated on to a tshirt with the beard changed to a colour that was subtly different to the Viking horns. The vector conversion shows the final result.
Logo redraw to a vector for printing on to a uniform
This company teaches martial arts and wanted their logo printed on to their white uniforms. We inverted the colours while redrawing the image as a vector to guarantee that it prints correctly on to a white uniform.
Example of an intricate image to vector redraw
This customer wanted their logo converted to a vector, retaining the detail you see in the original raster.
Vector conversion from a sketch mockup
This customer created a sketch of their logo, cut it out and then stuck on the gold leaf. They wanted a redraw, with the text using the closest font to their hand drawn version. The gold leaf, they wanted in a specific golden brown colour with a gradient fill.
Vector conversion of logo to be used for engraving on to a trophy
This company wanted to create some trophies with their logo etched in to them. We redraw an outlined version of their vector. The black outlines you see are what the needle follows to perform the etch.
Company logo to be converted in to a vector so that it can be used for hot foiling.
This company wanted their logo silver foiled on to their product. Their printer requested that they send them a vector to carry out the foiling. We consulted with the client to make sure that both parties understood exactly what had to be foiled and then redrew the vector accordingly. All the black colour you see in the vector conversion had to be foiled.
Logo to be converted to a vector so that it can be printed on a tshirt
This gas fitting company came to us requiring a logo to be printed on to a black tshirt. Their printer was going to print it using just the white colour. For legibility, we advised removing the canister that you see in the raster image. The final vector was supplied in white, against a transparent background.
We are based in London (UK) and produce high quality vector graphics for printers and businesses all over the world.
We have redrawn vectors for individuals, SMEs and large corporations.
We are proud to say that some of our work has been used to manufacture garments and uniforms worn by charities, celebrities and the (British) Royal Family. We have worked with customers from around the world - located in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.
  • Experienced Vector Redraw Designers

    We only hire vector redraw designers that have experience in the print industry.
    We believe that only a designer that has had a breadth of manufacturing experience is best placed to create a vector as they need to understand the final use.
    Anybody can claim that they have a few years vector redraw experience.
    Most of our designers have at least 10 years experience meaning that we can redraw vectors that are not only high quality and suitable for use - but we can redraw them quickly (meaning we can keep our costs low) and try to think a few steps ahead to future proof what we redraw. We like to ask questions to future proof vectors - things that our customers have mentioned they never thought about but found extremely useful and money saving in the long run.
  • Communication

    We are committed to excellent communication.
    Emails are answered promptly and we would let you know if a query may take longer than normal to answer (for example, if we are awaiting a specialist designer to review your submitted artwork).
    Our phone numbers work. You can ring them and speak with somebody during our opening hours. If you get through to voicemail then we encourage you to leave a message as we will get back to you. We will always try and call you if we have enquiries (AFTER observing the timezone you are in).
    We find that complicated queries - where jobs have to be customised quite a lot are better served by speaking to each other. This is much faster than emailing and can stamp out assumptions very quickly.
  • Long opening hours

    Whilst our office phone number is open during the hours stated here, we have almost a 24 hour operation (we have to to support customers based around the world). We have dealt with express orders that have come in at 8pm and delivered the next morning. Customers appreciate this service as it reduces delays in the printing of the vector (or any other use of the vector) as we can turn around high quality vectors quickly.
  • Low Cost / High Quality

    Multimillion pound companies use us as their only vector redraw supplier. Our work has been printed/engraved on to material worn by the Royal Family.
  • Commitment to you

    If we say we will deliver at a certain time. We do it. This can sometimes be daunting if you are placing the order late in the evening and waiting for it to be delivered the next morning - or sometimes that night. However, we have never been late in delivering.
    We understand that people's reputations are at risk (they are either the manufacturer or the customer who needs to get something printed quickly for a major event).
    People sometimes wonder why we charge the low rates we do, considering that we are a UK company. When you have a dedicated pool of experienced staff who can produce a vector in usually half the time as their counterparts without compromising on quality - this gives us an edge - that we want to pass on to benefit our customers.

Quick Quote

If you need a quick quote relating to an item listed on our website or something not listed (we do many things not listed on this site) then please use the form below:
Fill in this form and we will come back to you very quickly (within 30 mins if sent between 9am to 4.30pm UK time)
Enter any further instructions/comments in the box below. For example:
  • 1. if your image contains text, please tell us if we can use a similar font or the name of the font used (if known). This can sometimes bring down the price.
  • 2. Contact details of the printer or shop that is printing the final vector
  • 3. The size you are going to have this image printed (if known)
  • 4. Pantone colours you want to use (if printing Spot Colour)
  • 5. Any changes you would like us to make to your design
  • 6. Please specify what you will be using the vector for as we may have to make some adjustments to it (we will of course advise you before we start the work)
  • 7. Anything else you are concerned about

Need Help?

Having difficulty submitting your quote request?
You can email your quote request, including design(s), to sales@printanyfile.com.
Alternatively, you can call us on
020 8050 1445

What our customers are saying about us

Published by M Moss:

"Thank you for the quick turn around. "

Published by K Bessant:

"PrintAnyFile have done a fabulous job yet again. I needed their help to improve my designs for some aluminium tokens to celebrate a 25 anniversary. Hopefully the tokens will last for many years to come. As always PrintAnyFile have come up with perfect artwork which I know will stand the test of time. What more can I say? Beautiful work, quickly produced and they are a pleasure to deal with."

Published by C Bain:

"I regularly order various images to be converted into vectored drawings with sometimes additional editing requested. Print Any File always provide an exceptional service, outstanding graphic artwork for me to use, and importantly also deliver each project on time. I wouldn’t use anyone else and my customer order book is always full due to the high standard of graphics I use created by Print Any File."

Published by E Cliffe:

"After trying unsuccessfully to convert our school logo myself to have printed on various items, I decided to use PrintAnyFile. I received the proof within 2 days and had the file through within hours of agreeing the proof. The logo has now been used successfully on the items that we needed. Could not fault anything and will definitely use again/recommend to others. "

Published by K Taylor:

"First class job,I will most recommend your services to my customers and will be using your services again thank you for your quick response"

Published by M John:

"Your team have been really helpful and patient with me. I'm new to this and I find them really helpful"

Published by A Stroud:

"Returning customer and excellent service again"

Published by W Smith:

"Wanted a custom gobo made for my moving head projector light,
The company that was manufacturing the gobo wanted a hi resolution image in the form of a vector file, I asked print any file to help,within 2 days it was done ,highly recommend this company great service good communication,will be using them again A++"

Published by R Johnston:

"I ordered a vector conversion from a single colour jpeg logo, as usual good price and a perfect conversion. I could have done this myself but was very busy and anyway I don't think it would have been this perfect.
I can now use the logo at any size without loss of quality. Happy customer, happy client.
Would recommend any time."

Published by R White:

"That was an amazing job done on my latest order for an image to vector conversion. Probably more intricate than the last one done for me and that was a very complex draw. Thanks again for a superb job."

Published by S Duggans:

"Excellent service and value for money. I had an image converted - and Printanyfile produced a Vector subsequently - for media, materials and web use."

PrintAnyFile scores 98.7 out of 100 based on 329 user reviews.
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