Vector Redraw Service for Large format printing such as shops signs

We have many customers who use our vector redraw service for the purposes of using a vector EPS file for printing on a sign shop, a banner, a marquee or other large format material.
Customers normally have a high resolution jpeg that will print well on business cards but not so well on a larger format. Printing on a large format requires the jpeg image to be scaled up and doing this on many occasions results in a degradation in quality of the jpg image.
This is where our jpeg to vector conversion becomes very useful. When we convert jpeg to vector, the resulting vector can be scaled to a large size for use in large format print without loss of quality. Also the file size of a vector is kept down keeping control of processing time without loosing flexibility regarding scalability and quality. In addition, because we manually convert jpg to vector, the resultant vector EPS does not suffer from problems that may arise if the jpg is put through software to do a jpg to vector conversion.
If you have a logo or an image that you need to converted to a vector then please visit our homepage.
(Prices start from just £19.99)