Different suppliers use different convert to vector methods in the logo redraw process to create a print ready vector format file.
To give you the best results, our designers manually (i.e. by hand) redraw your image in the vector conversion process. This method of image to vector conversion takes longer but produces a higher quality print ready vector fit for purpose with guaranteed results under all circumstances.

Benefits of Manual Tracing

The benefits of using our manual tracing over other vector redraw methods such as using automated software are as follows,
To convert your image (or design) to a vector and produce a print ready vector image, many suppliers will put your artwork through vector conversion software.
Using software for a vector conversion can be very fast and cheap, since it requires very little effort and skill. But the end product (vectorised image) may not carry the benefits stated above and hence may not be fit for purpose for all circumstances. For instance, the vector may print well on a business card since only a small size vector is required, but if the vector has to be blown up for printing on a shop sign, then if vector conversion software has been used, problems in the blown up vector may occur, as stated above.