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Use this option if you have already created your design and it exists as a computer file.
(Even if it is a rough draft, or a scan or just instructions telling us what you want created)

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We accept all file types e.g. Coreldraw, MS Word, Illustrator, MS Publisher, Photoshop, EPS, PDF etc.

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  1. Your Vector file will be set up with
    Colour Scheme: Change
  2. Tick this box if this Vector will be used for Engraving, Foiling or Cut Signs.

    Important: If you tick this box then you will be supplied with a black line vector instead of the Colour Scheme chosen above. Do not tick this box if you don't know what this means. If unsure, call us and we will be happy to explain.
  3. Font Replacement (if there is text in your image). Tick this box if you would like us to replace your fonts with a similar font (usually this is very similar to what you have in your image - you can always decline any replacement after reviewing the proof). If you do not know which fonts have been used in this image, then we strongly advise you to tick this box otherwise we may need to requote you.
  4. Enter any further instructions in the box below. For example:
    • Name of the fonts used (if known)
    • Contact details of the printer or shop that is printing the final vector
    • The size you are going to have this image printed (if known)
    • Pantone colours you want to use (if printing Spot Colour)
    • Any changes you would like us to make to your design
    • Please specify what you will be using the vector for as we may have to make some adjustments to it (we will of course advise you before we start the work)
    • anything else you are concerned about

Step 3 of 3:   Submit your file

Once you have submitted your file (with any instructions) and paid for your order, we will do the following:
  1. An initial check to make sure we have all the required information. If we have any concerns then we will contact you (by email/phone).
  2. We will then recreate your artwork as a vector and email you a Proof for you to check (we will make further changes as you require and keep sending you proofs to check until you are happy).
  3. Once you are happy, we will email you an EPS file (if you need a second file type, please mention it in the box above).

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