How to Save Money on Vectorisation

The Clearer the file the better the quality

If you are scanning or taking a photograph of your existing image/logo, then scan it at at least 600dpi or take the photograph at the highest setting. The clearer we see it here, the more detail we can draw. This is because we manually redraw everything - which means we trace over your image using a digital pen.

If you need anything added/removed/modified - please let us know from the outset

When uploading your file, you will find a comments box where you can enter all your instructions.

Do you know the name of any fonts used?

If you know this, then it saves us time either trying to locate the font or to redraw the text (which adds on to the time taken to do the redraw). If you don't know the font name, then please specify whether you need us to use the same font or a substitute font. For this reason, we have a tick box asking you this question when you upload your design.

Tell us what the vector file will be used for

Let us know from the outset:
  1. What you will be using the Vector for - for example engraving, embossing, vinyl cutting or just printing.
  2. If your supplier has given you any templates for the vector to fit into.
  3. What size you would like us to set your Vector to. Your vector will be scalable - but we may as well set it to the size you need it printed as it saves you time.
This is because we have to make sure that the final vector file is suitable for that process. It is also advisable to inform us of the contact details of the supplier in case we have any questions.

Should the Vector look rough?

Some artwork we receive to redraw is intended to look very rough (ie no smooth edges). Please let us know from the outset if this is the case as we usually (by default) smooth out any rough edges.
As you move through the site we have incorporated all of the above advice to make it easy as possible for you to save money. Our logic is - the less time it takes us to manually redraw an image, the less it will cost you. If you have left us your phone number, we will call you with any questions before we start work/give you a quote.
If you have a logo or an image that you need to converted to a Vector EPS then please visit our homepage.
(Prices start from just £19.99)